Central Otago

Communicating brand and messaging, through cutting edge design.
"We are delighted with the new website, it truly captures Central Otago and the spirit of this place. Thank you for helping to create the Wow factor."
- Shirley Howden, Central Otago Regional Identity Manager
The Central Otago Regional Identity is managed on behalf of the Central Otago community by the Central Otago District Council


  • Showcase the regional brand on a digital platform
  • Provide resources for media and brand partners
  • Craft an online presence that engages visitors and persuades them to share with others


  • Understand and reiterate the stories of Central Otago
  • Design a story telling medium that can simplify and communicate a complex subject
  • Harness new technologies to build the concept


An outstanding website that manages to be different from anything else a visitor has seen before, but still simple and intuitive to use. A site where the user can play and watch an animated story describing how Central Otago is “A World of Difference”. As much a work of art as a website, this project won an international IMA Outstanding Achievement Award in the Tourism category 2015.
Central Otago


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Central Otago
Central Otago
Central Otago
Central Otago
Central Otago

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