Latest Google changes have direct impact on rankings

Mobile search is rising at an overwhelming rate. This means more of your guests are researching on mobile. If a guest searches for a motel and you don’t have a mobile friendly site, the mobile friendly websites will show in search before your website will. It’s that simple. 

On the 21st April 2015 Google rolled out their mobile-friendly update. They are boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. What this means for mobile users is that they can easily find more relevant results with better quality. Overall the intention is to provide mobile users with an improved user experience.  A mobile friendly page means text is readable without the need to tap or zoom and the page avoids content that can’t be displayed or content requiring horizontal scrolling.

Google has made assurances that the mobile friendly update affects only search rankings on mobile devices, and applies to individual pages not entire websites. The change is an important one and has a positive impact on user experience.  If your site is not mobile friendly it should be, not just for Google rankings but to ensure your customers enjoy using your site and can find the information they need. 

If your site’s pages aren’t mobile-friendly, there may be a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google Search. However it can easily be remedied and as soon as your pages and/or full website are updated, Google will crawl and index your pages.  The process can be manually overridden by submitting a request to Google to re-crawl your new mobile-friendly pages and they can be treated as mobile-friendly in ranking.

You can check the mobile-friendly status of your website by contacting a ReserveGroup Business Development Specialist here
Latest Google changes have direct impact on rankingsLatest Google changes have direct impact on rankings