Tips from Support - Expiry dates on rates

Have you checked the end date on your rates lately? When you add a rate to your evoSuite booking engine you also need to select an expiry date. If the rate expires, the room or service will no longer be available.

In the event, visitors to your website are unable to find or book one of your rooms or services, it's probably because the rates have expired. This is one of the most common reasons for panicked calls to our Support team, and is often easily resolved by simply checking rate expiry dates and when required, extending them.

How do you avoid this in the future? Next time you set your rates, also set yourself a reminder to check and if applicable, extend them, well before they are due to close.

The evoSuite booking engine date range enables bookings up to 18 months in advance, so if a guest went onto your website right now, they could book a room or service up to August 14th, 2015. Bear in mind if your booking engine is set up as a channel of SiteMinder, guests can make bookings up to 12 months in advance.

There are a couple of exceptions:

1.    If you are using evoSuite as a channel, all rates and inventory should be managed in SiteMinder or connected Property Management System (PMS)

2.    If you are connected to evoSuite using a PMS directly, all rates inventory should be managed directly in your PMS, except RoonSoft/RHS where you manage inventory in PMS and rates on the website

To find out how dynamic pricing can make managing your rates even easier, check out the following pages of the evoSuite online manual:

What is dynamic pricing?

How to work with rates in dynamic Pricing and managing inventory levels

If you have any questions about your booking engine rates or set up, contact our friendly Support team.

Don't forget, if you have a website with us, you are entitled to 3 content changes to your site (text, image load etc) per month free of charge. We have a range of pro-active and re-active Support packages available beyond this, starting from $49+ GST per month .

Our Support Team are available 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday:

Email Phone + 64 7 541 1111.


Tips from Support - Expiry dates on rates