Digital campaigns that get you noticed

Do you struggle when it comes to reaching and targeting potential clients online? What is the best way to reach them, where do they frequent, what do they want to know and most important of all, what will compel them to pick you?

In this case we're not just talking about your website; every day our team of marketing specialists develop and execute a range of digital marketing campaigns. From Google Adwords, Google Display Re-marketing, social media campaigns and email newsletter drives; there are numerous digital methods to reach and entice potential customers. Often overlooked, or even worse - done poorly, social media marketing isn't just about Facebook and Twitter; professional networking platform LinkedIn is growing at an incredible rate and offers very specific audience targeting to put you in front of the right people, faster.

A supreme benefit of digital marketing is the analytics available; empowering you to monitor and assess performance with confidence, and in some cases - instantly. Measuring your activities means you can evaluate what worked and what didn't to determine the best return on investment for your marketing dollar.

Over the past few weeks, two stand out digital campaigns we executed included a targeted email newsletter campaign and a LinkedIn Inmail drive. Both campaigns achieved outstanding results for our clients. The strategy driven email newsletter send resulted in a 300% increase on open and read rate compared to the client's original 2013 campaign. Adoption of LinkedIn in New Zealand's business community is rapidly increasing, with a membership base of over 1 million Kiwi's. Last month one of our LinkedIn Inmail campaigns was recorded as the highest performing Inmail campaign in New Zealand in the past 12 months.

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Digital campaigns that get you noticed