Aoraki Development Business & Tourism has partnered with ReserveGroup to create a ‘portal’ website that shows the Central South Island is a great place to live, work and visit.
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Easy to reach, uncrowded and set in a stunning natural environment, South Canterbury in the Central South Island of New Zealand offers holiday makers, business people, international students and new residents a warm welcome, a great lifestyle and the promise of a bright future.

The economic development and tourism organisations of South Canterbury have joined forces to deliver even more value to their region and have now developed a new website which will be a focal point for the majority of their marketing efforts, especially online.

The new website ReserveGroup have developed for Aoraki Development Tourism and Business, was designed to catch the attention of the website visitor and engage their interest. Their core goal was to ensure the new website is easy to navigate, that it would minimise the number of clicks from any one point of the website to any other and ultimately, for it to result in: More Visitors, More Often, Staying Longer and Spending More – both on their website and in their region!

The website is managed entirely via Microsoft Outlook alongside their in-built Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

The new site also includes a full Business Listings Management (BLM) system that includes several évoSuite enterprise-level 'modules' that will allow local businesses to use the site as a tool to promote and showcase their offerings.
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